1. Cloud Storage and Office 365
    Cloud Storage and Office 365
    Office 365 migration can be a difficult journey to go through. The additional features of online storage, web applications, and much more freedom with mailboxes, we have experience in setting this up and migrating your accounts over. We go through the migration with you, and provide training on the new features, that will help you both in and out of the classroom.
  2. Personal Support
    Personal Support
    Although our primary business is supporting schools and small businesses, we do offer personal support to the individual. If you have had a new laptop for Christmas or your birthday, and you need help setting it up, drop us a line. We can advise you on security, anti virus, and any other issues you may have. We do not have an hourly rate, and we do not have a call out fee. We work on fixed prices, so you always know where you stand. We will also be starting a computer FAQ on our Facebook page, to help you get through the simpler issues, so look out for that in 2016. Please see out Facebook page for some of the services that we offer:
  3. Bespoke Support Contracts
    Bespoke Support Contracts
    We offer tailored bespoke contracts to suit your business or school. Dependant on your needs, our engineers will tailor your contract to a level of support, that suits both your IT needs and the needs of your wallet. With no hidden charges or call out fees, budgeting for your IT support is simple, and starts at only £9.99 per user. With our premium package we offer same day replacement of critical hardware, ensuring your organisation suffers as little downtime as possible.
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