Motherboard Installation



Fix + clean gaming console

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Fix + Clean 

Gaming Consoles

Fixing + updating Desktops

when you need your laptop or desk top fixing from a virus or an update for it, we take very good care in your laptop or pc. so if you need help or even wanting to have a look to see what is wrong drop us a message and the prices will depend on how bad the break is.

When you book an appointment for us to clean your Playstation or Xbox, we take good care and time to clean it out so we don't break anything while cleaning it out. We use different tools to make sure everything is out. if you don't know if your xbox or playstation needs cleaning it normally has bluring noise coming from it, telling you it needs cleaning

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Virus Protect

Office 360

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We provide virus protection to fight virus on your laptops to stop them having problems with it lagging this also helps them fight against people hacking into you laptop or desktop for your own personal details. If you are interested drop us a message and we can tell you prices.

 a virus can remain dormant on your computer, without showing major sings or symptoms if any of the symptoms show up you we can check it out.

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Hard drive update

Refurbished PC's

We are now selling Refurbished PC's which is just basically a second hand laptop which is has been made to look brand new and also made to look much better before. You can give us a price range and we can give you a fair and much cheaper Refurbished PC.

We do a Hard Drive Update, which gives you more storage on your Laptop, PC or Desktop to download or upload anything you need, this also just makes you PC or laptop 100 times better and easier to work and if you're looking for more storage or the speed boost an SSD provides. If wanting or interested in the Hard Drive Update give us a message and we can arrange prices.