About Us
Silver Oak IT combines over 20 years of software, hardware and networking experience, with the passion of keeping our focus on customer care.
Our mission is to provide cost effective IT support to our local schools and businesses, without compromising on our customer service. This is why we only have a limited customer base. We do not accept contracts unless we can provide the same level of support as we do with our existing customers.
We help our customers utilise the latest technology and social media to improve their organisation and communication and we do it in a customer friendly way. We avoid the techno babble that complicates situations, and deliver a clear and concise explanations.
Our engineers are MCSE qualified, and have many years’ experience, not just in schools, but in the business world as well.
Through our many partnerships with hardware and software vendors we can provide very competitive deals on new hardware, cloud storage, Anti-Virus, and remote access solutions.
Silver Oak also offers ad-hoc support to the man on the street. Via our Facebook page, you can request quotes on repairs to your home PC, or request help setting up a home network. We charge a fixed price, so there is no call out fees or hourly rates. You know what you will be paying before the work commences.

Dave Randall